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  • Tea from all over Japan.


    Haven’t you thought that tea from the same region all taste the same? Even in one region, many tea farmers create various cultivars of tea under different soil conditions. It’s a shame to categorize all of them as “Sencha”. Please try the difference of the unique single farm single cultivar tea and give your thoughts to the tea farms around Japan.


    Sencha that we regularly see in the market are blended. The blend is necessary for balancing and stabilizing the taste, and adjusting the price. However, there is a problem that the taste of the cultivars and the feelings of the manufacturers are not transmitted straight. Where was it made by whom, and what is the cultivar. And what kind of story there is inside. The style of tea from the viewpoint who drinks it, is "green brewing". Welcome to the world of Sencha, the deeper it gets the more you know!




    現在、流通している煎茶はブレンドされたものが主流です。ブレンドは、味のバランスを作り安定させ、価格を調整するために必要なことでした。しかし、品種の味わいや生産者の想いがストレートに伝わらないという課題があります。どこで誰によって作られた、どんな品種なのか。そしてそこにどんなストーリーがあるのか。飲む人の視点に立ったお茶のスタイル、それが「green brewing」です。知れば知るほど深みのある煎茶の世界へようこそ!

  • Sencha with Art and Science.


    Single-origin Tea Shop for minimalist, Senchado Tokyo, opens in Ginza. The colors of the package are defined by the algorithm driven by the trace information. We combine art and science with green tea. All the things are united in minimal way. We redesign Japanese green tea culture how it should be contemporarily.



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    Origin: Kagoshima, "Ei"

    産地 : 鹿児島県「頴娃」


    Blend: Harumoegi Single Origin



    Steam: Medium


    001 HARUMOEGI 50g 1,900JPY

    001 はるもえぎ 50g(缶入り) 1,900円(税込)

    甘味:★★★ 苦味:★★ 旨味:★★★

    Sweetness Bitterness  Umami

    The grandchild of the Yabukita tea leaf, a new Standard in the world of Sencha green teas.
    A magnificently well-balanced rich flavor.


    Origin: Kagoshima, "Kirishima"

    産地 : 鹿児島県「霧島」


    Blend: Saemidori Single Origin



    Steam: Medium


    020 SAEMIDORI 50g 2,300JPY

    020 さえみどり 50g(缶入り) 2,300円(税込)

    甘味:★★ 苦味:★★ 旨味:★★★

    Sweetness Bitterness  Umami

    A full body taste with deep seaweed aroma.
    Standard taste of Sencha, with elegant aftertaste that goes on and on.


    Full size (100g ) Package For Each Tea


    013 KOMAKAGE 100g 1,944JPY

    013 駒影 100g(チャック付きパック) 1,944円(税込)

    甘味:★★ 苦味:★★ 旨味:★★★

    Sweetness Bitterness  Umami

    Uji tea that originated after being planted after a horseshoe mark. Chosen from the place that could be said to be its origin. Full of tastefulness like Shiitake broth.


    Origin: Nara, "Mima"

    産地 : 奈良県「水間」


    Blend: Komakage Single Origin



    Steam: Light


  • 5 Packs Selection


  • 5 Packs Selection 4g×5packs 2,100JPY

    5種セレクション 4g×5包 2,100円(税込)

    You can choose 5 types of tea in one package at the retail store. Compare the taste and find your favorites! You can also buy prearranged package at the online store.




  • Clear Teapot "Toumei Kyusu"


  • Brew tea in an extremely simple way.


    This is a personal teapot designed by thinking about what tea, luxury drinks, should be in the modern age where personal taste is diversified and subdivided into segments. As with wine, the taste of tea also varies with locality and cultivar. In order to turn attention to tea leaves as an agricultural product, this teapot provides seeing leaves opening in hot water, as well as water’s color changing.



  • No inconvenience for your tea time.



    Minimalizing the process of tea extraction, shaping to fill the amount of hot water for one person, 120ml, omitting measuring water. The product is made by extreme thick resin molding technique with only one-time molding which enables no parting line, gate marks or burrs. The thickness (up to 18mm) is conducted by an unique technique which precisely integrates injection speed, pressure and cooling circuit, that actualized 3 innovative designs. First, it is breakage-proof and even has the transparency like glass. Second, because it’s insulated, no handle is needed, which makes it stackable and space-saving. Third, anyone can make tea because the inner capacity has just enough for one person. These features enriches your tea life.



    Clear Teapot "Toumei Kyusu"  3,500JPY

    透明急須  3,500円(税込)

    【対応茶葉】 煎茶・玉露 / 浅蒸し-中蒸し-深蒸し

    【抽出方法】 お湯出し(70℃〜80℃) / 氷出し(0℃〜10℃) / 玉露絞り出し(30℃〜60℃)

    【洗浄方法】 熱湯消毒可 / 食器洗浄機使用可 / 漂白剤・アルコール使用可

    【原材料】 本体:飽和ポリエステル樹脂(トライタン) 茶こし:ステンレス

    【耐熱温度】 耐熱温度:100℃ / 耐冷温度:-20℃

    For All Green tea(Sencha/Gyokuro)

    Recipes: Normal brew(3 steepings), ice melt brew, Gyokuro brew

    Body: Saturated polyester resin / Strainer: Stainless steel

    Dishwasher safe / Bleach available / Alcohol available

    Heat resistant temperature: 100℃

    Cold resistant temperature: -20℃

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  • Tea Pairings





    Maple Walnut × Harumoegi / Smoked Pistachio × Yabukita yame / Noble Rot Rasin × Fukumidori

    Cinnamon Almond × Okuhikari / Dried Fig × Koishizuku



    シナモンアーモンド×おくひかり/ドライいちじく×こいしずく 等

    Noble Rot Rasin 70g 1,080JPY

    貴腐ワインレーズン 70g入り 1,080円(税込)


    Pairing: 010 Fukumidori / 017 Fujiedakaori / 017 Ujihikari / 021 Kamairi Saemidori / 022 Kanayamidori


    Smoked Pistachio 70g 1,080JPY

    燻製ピスタチオ 70g入り 1,080円(税込)


    Pairing: 004 Yabukita Yame / 006 Kouran / 012 Asatsuyu / 013 Komakage / 018 Ujihikari


    Dried Fig 70g 1,080JPY

    ドライいちじく 70g入り 1,080円(税込)


    Pairing: 003 Koishizuku / 007 Yoino Shichiyousei / 008 Z1 / 016 Musashikaori / 024 Koushun Karigane


    Maple Walnut 70g 1,080JPY

    メイプルくるみ 70g入り 1,080円(税込)


    Pairing: 001 Harumoegi / 011 Yamanami / 014 Kumakuma Zairai / 015 Okuyutaka / 023 Yumekaori


    Cinnamon Almond 70g 1,080JPY

    シナモンアーモンド 70g入り 1,080円(税込)


    Pairing: 002 Koushun / 005 Okumidori / 009 Okuhikari / 020 Saemidori / 025 Z1